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Clarity Order is an online marketplace that offers premium furniture & design sourced from top independent manufacturers. We provide our users with a unique and special shopping experience by implementing powerful Augmented Reality & Artificial Intelligence based tools.

Users in Clarity Order can order furniture that completely match with their taste and style and more importantly fits their room. Upon submitting their product configuration, placing their order, and making the online payment, their furniture will be delivered to their address within the specified timeline.

Using augmented reality in interior design

How It Works

Our users, once registered and signed into their account in Clarity Order, can design their rooms in simple steps. They can easily design their room layout within the platform.

All the products offered in our shop have fully detailed 3d models by which the users can see them from any angle. Users can customize products details such as their material and color based on their taste.

Moreover, the products models can be located in their room by augmented reality, so that they can test a simulated version of the product in the actual room before placing the order.

Why Choose Us

Users, partners, and our in-house design curators can save and share their room layouts, favorite furniture collections, and overall designs with the world. Users can rate and review products and collections so that everyone can have easy access to top designs. With few clicks of buttons in Clarity Order, anyone can replicate a curated room design.

Diverse and unique products

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