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About Clarity Order

Are you sure that the furniture you pick in an online store goes perfectly with your current room decoration, size, etc.?

You can easily find the perfect fit furniture for your house or office based on its size or style, by using the features that we offer in Clarity Order including 3d models of products, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

All the products offered in our shop have fully detailed 3d models by which you can see them from any angle. Moreover, the products models can be located in your room by augmented reality, so that you can test a simulated version of the product in the actual room before placing your order.

3D Models & AR

Use your mouse to rotate the product model, and zoom in to see it with all details. In case you are using your mobile browser, just easily click on the AR icon in the top right corner of the below model to visualize it in your room.

What We Offer


Premium Marketplace

A wide range of home decoration, furniture styles, and products that will empower your decision-making based on your desired budget, needs and design preferences. So No matter what decoration needs you have, please rely on us and you will not be disappointed.


Live AR Visualization

Does the furniture fit with your room design, dimensions, style, and other decorations? Just bring your phone and try the furniture live! Our platform provides live AR visualization so you can put your chosen product into your home or office and test it. Easily share the results with your partner or friends, get their opinion, and then buy your ideal product.


High Quality 3D Models

3D visualization of products with high levels of details, offers a better product imagination and a more precise look so you can choose wisely. Besides getting access to a product’s full description, i.e. size, material, and color, with 3D models you can find out how the product looks from all directions.

Product Customization

3D Product Configurator

Design your room by customizing your favorite furniture’s materials, color and size while showcasing them live. Be your own interior designer and architect, select products based on your specific needs and requirements, and order whatever suits you the best.


AI-Powered Engine

You are not alone for decorating your house! Our AI-powered engine has a smart product recommendation core that will show you related products based on your room layout, your favorite style, and your budget. We provide you by our best offers and let you enjoy having an individual Shopping experience!

Independent Manufacturers

Unique Products

Partnered with many independent furniture manufacturers, who are often tied to just a local store or a reseller, we are offering a variety of unique products in a wide range of home decoration furniture categories.

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