These days, you may want to change the decoration of your home just by moving or adding or subtracting small components. For this purpose, there are rules and principles that if you do not follow, you will not get the desired design and you will be confused.

In fact, the correct layout of the house is easier than you think, provided that you know the do’s and don’ts of home decoration design so that even if we do not change the layout of the house for a while, we still do get untired of the shape of our house or regret choosing the details.

When it comes to proper and ideal home design, we have a long list of ideas and tips for the best layout. But it should also be noted that there is a list of design errors and should not to be avoided.

To make things easier, we review seven of the most important interior design bans.

Art Paintings Attached to the Roof

It is better to install paintings and art collections on the wall so that they are in line with the eyes. Of course, it is often difficult to pay attention to the height of the whole family to find a suitable place, so it is better to consider the average and desirable limit. In other words, installing the boards in the right place is one of the key points in home design and decoration.

In fact, you should not lift your neck to see the paintings or frames on the wall, and remember that in the dining room and living room where you sit most of the time, you should even lower the paintings a little.

If you have smaller frames and you are not sure where to install them, assign a wall to all of them. In this way, you cleverly create extraordinary visual appeal.

General Lighting

Today’s houses usually have built-in lamps and hidden lighting. But if you want to create a different atmosphere in your home, invest in different options for home lighting.

For example, you can consider a pendant lamp for the central point of the house and place a lamp on the floor of the room or use a reading lamp next to a comfortable sofa. These are interesting and significant details that create a cozy corner in the house.

Excessive Symmetry

In design and decoration, be unlimited to a series of stereotyped instructions, in fact, you should format the layout of the house based on your personal taste and mental order. Have a little variety and creativity and use honeycomb tables in different sizes or make the sofa look more beautiful with the help of a few cushions in different shapes and colors.

Furniture Full of Cushions

It is true that, we all love cushions, but when there are so many of them that there is no place to sit or lie on the sofa, you have to stop.

Choose cushions with cheerful colors and in harmony with home decoration and put enough different designs and models on the sofa to create an impressive and attractive atmosphere.

Curtains That Do Not Reach the Ground

When it comes to buying curtains, be a little generous. Curtain decoration is an art that, if done skillfully and correctly, shows the stylish and beautiful appearance of the house. In addition, short curtains significantly and effectively show the height of the room less than it is.

Extreme Contradiction

Contrasting colors have re-entered the world of interior design. Colors full of excitement and life that we love. But if we overuse it, they lose their beauty.

With the help of the 60.30.10 rule, not only do you give the house a colorful and glazed look, but the color combination does not become disgusting and tasteless. According to this rule, the main color covers 60% of the room, so it is better to choose your most neutral option as the dominant color. This color is suitable for covering the floor of the room and the walls. The share of the second color is half of the main color and can be a little more prominent. Of course, the difference between the second color and the main color should be such that their distinction can be clearly seen together and the main color should be prominent. The second color is usually suitable for furniture, curtains and paintings. The third color is your most prominent choice and is used only to prevent the uniformity of the space and create a little vitality. This color is usually assigned to smaller items such as cushions, vases and other decorative items.

Boring Coordination

Adding a complementary work of art to home decoration is very attractive, but in interiors, selecting and adding an ornamental piece with the same color spectrum to the environment should be done step by step, like painting, as a result, it does not lead to the accumulation of harmonious colors.