The first step in a cohesive decor scheme is settling on the style that suits you best. Each style has features and rules to help you select the perfect pieces for your home. Clarity Order is here to help you learn the 7 most common design styles for your home.

Modern Style Home Decoration

One of the most important decoration styles is the modern style. The emphasis of this style on neat forms, contemporary patterns, natural materials and an integrated flow between interior and exterior spaces, brings a combination of real comfort and style. The appearance of this style bridges the gap between nature and artificiality, that is, what naturally exists in the world and what is man-made.

Classic Style in Home Interior Decoration

Classic style, in fact, is one of the most popular styles in Iranian home decoration that many of us are well acquainted with. Becomes. But such a thing is not true. Although the look of this style is inspired by the past, but it really aims at comfort at home. All the sensory elements are familiar and in the right place. In a traditional design, everything from the furniture to the placement of the furniture is in balance. The furniture tends to be in a formal arrangement so that others can be invited to talk and along the axis of the room. Of course, there is no reason for everything to be in harmony in this style, but this style is not suitable for those who are interested in inconsistencies and integrated methods. Place a raised mirror in front of the wall, place the artwork in groups on the wall to create a sense of movement, or place a table next to the armchair. In this room, the irregular shape of the carpet has made the room dry and energized.

Mediterranean Style in Home Interior Decoration

Mediterranean decoration style can be considered as one of the simplest and at the same time the most different decoration styles. This style is the happiest and boldest style for home decoration. In this style, the combination of colors and textures plays the first role. What is most noticeable in this style of decoration design is the use of pure colors. If yellow is to be used, this color will make the sun the guest of the interior spaces of your house. The blue ones are the same, the blue colors used in this style remind you exactly of the sea. Exterior decoration designed in this style will take you to the depths of relaxation.

Beach Style in Home Interior Design

We can say that the beach style is a very personal style depending on the location of the house, a style that probably comes to mind when we think of “beach houses”. Bright and cool, with a color palette inspired by sand and snails, as well as the sea and sky, where there is a sign of summer everywhere. Beach style seeks to create a beach atmosphere more than it wants to be inspired by all the details of the beach. A beach space evokes the comfort, ease, and feeling of the beach. You can use this style in your home even if you are miles away from the beach.

Bollywood Style Home Decoration

Bollywood style is a great choice for lovers of Bollywood and Indian cinema! In connection with this style, hearing the name of Bollywood subconsciously evokes glamorous, colorful and very happy Indian films. Bollywood style in interior design also inspires exactly the same feelings in the space, since Indian culture is close to Iranian culture, the use of elements, tools and in general the principles of Indian design can be in line with Iranian taste. Here we tell you that if you are a person with happy and energetic spirits and you want the interior design of your home to transfer the same energy and vitality to family members, we recommend you to get acquainted with this style and its colors.

Rustic Style in Home Interior Decoration

Rustic style has long been very popular and many people use it for interior design of their home. Rustic style is a proof of the claim that everything is repeated again. Our ancestors may never have imagined that what they used to build their home and living space and meet their needs would one day become fashionable and one of the interior design styles. The rustic style, with its unpretentious roots, its organic shapes and textures, and its natural warmth and intimacy, is as influential inside the big cities as it is outside, and has a special place. Rustic interiors have a sense of connection to the past that is hard to resist. They are honest and unpretentious spaces, natural and reminiscent of our simple past. In a world where everything is virtual, rustic style is clearly and boldly real. Based on this, the general features of the rustic style can be summarized in the following headings:

  • Beams with uneven cuts
  • Organic shapes and forms
  • Ventilated and old materials
  • Warm khaki colors
  • Changed user objects
  • Knitted fabrics
  • Elements inspired by stable
  • Communication with outdoor spaces

Industrial Style Interior Decoration

Industrial decoration of the house, despite the great variety and attractiveness that it creates for your home, will also lead to a lot of costs and cost-effectiveness. Which was formed after trying to turn factories, old warehouses as well as abandoned buildings into useful urban space. Industrial style has a state of work that engages and affects your emotions, and since it uses simple materials, it can be implemented as low cost as possible. This style, by reducing everything to its essence, shows the beautiful harmony of the user and the pure form. The style of industrial decoration has an unpretentious and simple state and for this reason it will be considered a stylish and unique choice. The features of this style can be mentioned as follows:

  • Use of practical tools
  • Choosing the right colors such as gray, brown and …
  • Use of outdoor space
  • Use of metal materials
  • Suitable decorative items
  • Visible architecture