Home decoration is one of the things that every house needs, and it has the same principles of interior decoration. It is interesting to know that the income of an interior decorator is excellent, but it depends on how familiar your architect is with the history of interior architecture.

In this article, the description of interior decoration and the definition of interior decoration in general are examined. The difference between interior architecture and interior design is also evaluated.

What is Interior Decoration?

Interior decoration is actually a feeling that we experience when we see spaces. It becomes part of our daily lives and affects the way we live, work, play and even relax. Relaxing homes, productive workplaces, and beautiful public spaces are just some of the functions of proper decoration. Interior designers design spaces that anticipate our needs and respect our feelings. In this way, they use a wide range of technical skills and knowledge. Interior design began dramatically in the late twentieth century, at which time it first emerged as a profession.

What Skills Should a Home Interior Designer Have?

  • Knows fabrics, materials, colors, space planning, stability well
  • Structural requirements, health and safety issues, and to comply with building codes
  • Ability to work with applications for 2D and 3D computer aided design (CAD) and build information model (BIM)

Today, interior designers work with interior contractors, contractors, architects, engineers, craft artists, furniture dealers, and home-based business owners. To become a successful interior designer, you need a comprehensive training and skills to work in many fields such as (architecture, graphic design, decorative art and lighting design). In fact, harmonization designed to make Paints, furniture and other objects in the room or building are used artistically as a definition of interior decoration. Of course, the interior decoration of the apartment is not limited to the rooms and now it has become a widespread discipline that you can have all kinds of decorations even in the bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Interior Decoration Models

The category of architecture and interior decoration of the house itself becomes different sub-sections, which are mentioned below.

Bathroom and Toilet Decoration

The bathroom is one of the private parts of the house that has its own interior design. With simple and inexpensive tricks, you can change the decor of your home bathroom and give it a new atmosphere.

Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen, which is the beating heart of the house every day and hosts family members, can also have its own special and stylish decoration.

The Difference between Interior Decoration and Interior Design

One of the topics in this article is that sometimes the word interior design is mistakenly used interchangeably with home interior decoration. Although the two are very similar, they differ in the angles mentioned below.

  • Interior decoration is a job that requires more aesthetics and less knowledge, but interior design is based on knowledge and technical courses and academic principles. Most graduates of this field take specialized courses about it.
  • Decorators who work in interior decoration, mostly according to the style of furniture and building, are responsible for transforming the rooms and pay attention to customer opinions. But interior designers not only change the look of the room, but also make changes to the functionality of the room. Their activities range from painting the floor of the building to arranging decorative accessories inside the room and renovating the space.
  • Ordinary interior decorators are self-employed and do not interact with architects and are mostly in touch with furniture and curtain businesses. But interior designers often have a close relationship with architects and building contractors and strive to achieve good customer satisfaction.

So if you do not need renovation and general changes and you just want to change the layout of the house, ask the interior decorator to do the interior decoration of the house and otherwise ask the interior designer for help.

The Ultimate Cost of Implementing these Designs

The cost of interior decoration cannot be considered a specific figure. Because this work is very dependent on the items that the decorator chooses according to its material and quality. In addition, your purpose of decoration must be clear in order to calculate the price of interior decoration design tariff. For example, you need to completely renovate the building with painting, or you only consider ceramic tile and cabinet making. Sewing and installing curtains, iPhone video and wallpaper are also among the items that you want to be included in the interior decoration of your home or not. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult with experts to know the price of home decoration interior design.

Conclusions from the Interior Decoration Article

In general, interior decoration is a great skill with a very good income. Provided that the architect you hire has enough experience in this field.